European Union Joins FTC in Apple vs. Adobe Probe

adobe heart apple

The very public war between Adobe and Apple is heating up, with another Flash supporter jumping in the ring.

The European Union has joined forces with the FTC in an investigation of whether Apple’s policies hinder competition. The probe is specifically aimed at its much publicized ban of Adobe Flash, which was blocked from Apple’s iOS on the iPhone and iPad.

According to a New York Post source, the probe could last four to six months, with European regulators teaming with the U.S. in an ongoing investigation of Apple’s anti-competition practices that allegedly started in June.

This news comes several months after Steve Jobs wrote an open letter on the issue entitled “Thoughts on Flash,” in which he berated Adobe for its poor security and lack of openness. “Symantec recently highlighted Flash for having one of the worst security records in 2009,” Jobs charged. “We also know first hand that Flash is the number one reason Macs crash.” Adobe was quick to respond, with CEO Shantanu Narayen rejecting many of Jobs’ claims, and the company had soon launched the hilarious “We <3 Apple” PR compaign.

Of course, the investigation doesn’t mean the FTC and European Union <3 Adobe, but it does provide the company some much-needed support as it attempts to keep its Flash platform viable and relevant in the growing app market.AC