• 02.21.12

Gainomax Ads Spread Awareness Of Flatulent Cartoon Angels

More WTF than NSFW, the latest campaign from the exercise recovery drink peers inside the strange world of a monkey’s thoughts, for some reason.

Poet laureate Gwen Stefani would probably have only one thing to say about Gainomax’s new ad campaign: this sh*t is bananas.


The new campaign, created by Saatchi & Saatchi, Stockholm, Sweden, is a festival of random weirdness. We open with a cartoon monkey announcing that what we are about to see is something he thinks about a lot. Apparently, this monkey devotes a significant amount of cognitive function to chubby, mustachioed angels who traverse the heavens powered by their own flatulence. Next we see something that the monkey doesn’t think about: Gainomax, the Swedish exercise recovery drink. The tagline? “Drink Gainomax after working out. It’s much better than a banana.”

Gainomax has a history of using monkeys in its ads, always trying to dissuade humans from eating bananas post exercise.

See even more of what monkeys think about in the clips below.

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