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Social Media, Fashion, And Art Mesh to Create A Nicopandanation

Fashion industry icon Nicola Formichetti is orchestrating a panda uprising–are you ready for it?

Social Media, Fashion, And Art Mesh to Create A Nicopandanation

If a wild assortment of bugged-out, animated pandas start popping up in your social media feeds, you can blame it all on Nicola Formichetti, aka nicopanda. Formichetti, creative director of French fashion house Mugler and Lady Gaga collaborator, has teamed up with Tumblr and the augmented reality platform Gold Run to launch nicopandanation, a unique project for anyone to “remix, mash-up, GIF and create something amazing with the Panda Family.”

Once users submit their panda renditions to nicopandanation’s site, a chosen few designs will be featured on limited edition T-shirts and turned into augmented reality mobile characters courtesy of the GoldRun app, which takes the experience to a virtual level by allowing people to snap photos with the pandas as digital overlays and share them in their social circles.

The panda-monium (you knew that pun was coming) began during New York Fashion Week at the TUMBLR X NICOLA FORMICHETTI party and is well under way with photos and GIFs rolling in at nicopandanation that run the gamut of creepy, trippy, adorable, and frankly WTF-worthy. But for anyone who’s familiar with Formichetti work, that’s pretty much what he was hoping for.

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