• 02.16.12

Japanese App Seeks To Improve (Control?) Your Dreams

A Japanese agency plants visions of love and forests (and nothing else, really) in your dreams.

A sophisticated creative/marketing giant working on R&D projects aimed at influencing your subconscious? What could go wrong?


Japanese agency Hakuhodo has developed a new app that ostensibly allows users to control their dreams. Yumemira (translation: see the dream) is a free app that offers eight different dream scenarios that the bed-bound can choose before they go under each night. The app runs in the background on phones (presumably placed on bedside tables) and, after a period of time that’s meant to coincide with the drift into REM sleep, emits sounds designed to influence users’ dreams according to the chosen theme. Those themes include a walk in the woods, flying, um, love and others. Upon waking, users can share their dreams via social media, because really, there’s nothing more interesting to your friends than hearing details about your dreams.

The app was developed out of Hakuhodo’s Future Technology Works lab.

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