Party Creates Flash-Mob/Human Digital Billboard in L.A.

It’s hard to impress jaded Los Angeles pedestrians, who’ve seen pretty much everything, but Party handily manages such a feat in their latest project. All it took was 60 synchronized computers.

In order to promote Intel Asia’s new Ultrabook, New York and Japan-based creative collective Party outfitted 60 people with synced up Ultrabooks for an Improv Everywhere-style flash mob. As the team assembles together, a chorus of booting-up chimes rings out chaotically. Then the group takes their “pop-up theatre” out to the streets. Passersby waiting for taxis perk up when they notice 60 shining computer screens converging to form a giant taxi cab, and players in a pickup basketball game seem chuffed to find those screens showing footage of a cheering crowds at a stadium. Hopefully they also noticed that such a stunt would have been difficult to wrangle with computers that weren’t as thin and responsive as the Ultrabook.

See more of Party’s computer-centric work below.