Andes Rescue Teams Free Beer Drinkers From Key Life Commitments

Why go to your daughter’s school play when you can be boozing it up with your loser friends? Andes offered its customers the chance to escape from any social obligation by way of “rescue teams” who more or less stage performance art kidnappings.

Traditionally, when a phone call has gone on for too long, another party in the room might be called upon to create some kind of audible diversion that would ostensibly require the person on the phone to hang up. In a new ad, however, Andes Cerveza has taken the “bailing a friend out” concept to its furthest logical conclusion.


Created by Buenos Aires-based agency Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, the new Andes ad shows off the company’s campaign to free beer drinkers from their social obligations by sending teams of actors out into the field on rescue missions.

“Life is full of horrifying commitments that threaten nights out with friends,” a voice intones at the outset. These colossal bummer events include weddings, anniversaries, and birthday parties. How does one break free from enduring such tedium? By having a group of “firemen” decked out in full gear enter the building in search of the person who’s house is currently on fire–a person who happens to be a committed Andes enthusiast. Once the unfortunate soul is brought outside, he or she is escorted to a bar by fire truck (!) to join the much-preferred party already in progress.

Several such rescues took place over a period of two months, some of which were broadcast online and even on TV. The pranksters who volunteered for these great escapes did so through Facebook, where they logged into Andes’ fan page, chose their rescue team of choice, and submitted information on what, when, and where the dreaded event would take place. It’s anybody’s guess, though, how these heroes explained to their loved ones later on that the men in hazmat suits were professional actors rescuing them from boredom in the name of beer.

Such extreme hedonism-hawking stunts are nothing new for Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, the agency that recently created a photo blocker device for Norte Cerveza that helped the brand’s fans have a wild night out without fear of ending up on Facebook.

See some of the agency’s greatest hits below.

Friend Recovery:



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