• 02.14.12

Happy Valentine’s Day From Kenny Powers, Walter White, Leslie Knope, Zombies and More

These TV shows were kind enough to spawn Valentine’s Day e-cards. There’s still time to send one to your crush who’s obsessed with The Walking Dead.

Valentine’s Day can be a lot of pressure for all of us. Putting aside the whole gift-giving issue for couples, which is its own separate headache/joy factory, there remains the simple question of whether singletons should send cards to their intended Valentines. If the answer is yes, and the object of your affection is a TV buff, today is your lucky day (perhaps in more ways than one).


This year’s crop of TV show-themed Valentine’s Day e-cards is more robust than ever before. AMC has even partnered with someecards to create cards for The Walking Dead. In addition to that show, look for cards from Downton Abbey, Breaking Bad, Community, and Eastbound & Down in the slideshow above, and send one to the TV buff you adore.

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