Interactive Mercedes-Benz Ads Unlocked By Your Car Key

Mercedes-Benz has found a new way of showing off all the space inside its vans: by allowing consumers to open the vehicle’s doors in its ads using (what else?) their car keys.

Created by German agency Lukas Lindemann Rosinski, the interactive advertising event took place in a Berlin underground station and required some innovations in the field of outdoor advertising. Working with engineers and computing experts, LLR developed a system that recognizes and responds to the signal sent out by remote keys, and implemented these in digital billboards around the terminal.

Passersby who brandished their own car keys upon encountering these digital display areas found that they actually unlocked the doors to the van inside the ad. There were 12 displays at the station, and each one’s van was filled with something amply demonstrating the Viano’s immense storage capacity. After the van’s side door opened, a group of female bodybuilders might walk out, or a Transformer, or some sumo wrestlers. You get the point.

Anyone who encountered the ad revealing an empty Viano with a chauffeur out front, however, received an extra treat. The Mercedes-Benz promotion team happened to be waiting on site to escort these folks into one of the Vianos outside to offer a test ride to whatever destination they’d been hoping to reach by train. After getting past the thought that this situation might be a setup for the most elaborate kidnapping of all times, the winners no doubt took notice of the van’s roominess.