A Shaming Fridge Lock To Let Your Friends Keep You From Overeating

There’s nothing worse for a diet than a fridge full of tasty food, accessible at all hours. One solution: a virtual lock that tells all your friends (via social networks) that you just tried to pull of a late-night fridge raid.

Developed by ad agency JWT São Paulo for Meta Real–a Brazilian weight loss company–this ad for the magnetic Virtual Fridge Lock imagines that users could simply stick the presumably Wi-Fi-connected lock on the outside of the fridge. If they open it late at night, all their friends on various social networks get an alert saying “This person just raided the fridge.”

The commercial imagines that the user’s friends will reply to the alert, imploring the fridge-raider to restrain himself. In reality, they would probably be more likely to start ignoring that user’s constant refrigerator updates.

It’s unclear whether the lock is real or not. But according to Springwise, all Meta Real customers will get one.AS