• 02.13.12

Scottish App Introduces Women To The Ghost Of Their Drunken Future

As part of a health and wellness campaign targeted at women, the Scottish Government is offering a “drinking time machine” app that reveals users’ supposed future faces.

Marty McFly. Ebeneezer Scrooge. That kid from the Milk: It Does A Body Good commercial. These are but some of the heroes throughout history who have gotten a glimpse of their future selves. We can now add to that list, however, anyone with access to the U.K.’s version of iTunes.


The Scottish government is launching a health and wellness campaign aimed at women, encouraging them to “drop a drink size.” (Men, on the other hand, are doing just great, thank you very much, and are encouraged to keep up the fine work.) Part of this governmental effort includes a free downloadable app that functions sort of like a police sketch artist in cahoots with Dr. Oz. Simply upload a photo of your face’s current incarnation and the “drinking time machine” app will do the rest. Never mind who’s president 10 years from now; you’ve got red, broken cheek-veins, bloodshot eyes, a bloated, splotchy face and deeper wrinkles. The horror!

This app was designed to appeal to women’s vanity in encouraging them to take smaller glass sizes when drinking. Apparently, Scottish women all too often exceed recommended alcohol consumption guidelines. It should be worth noting, of course, that of the 1,318 alcohol-related deaths in Scotland in 2010, 909 of them were male and 409 were female.

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