• 05.11.12

No More Slow Commuting: This Superbus Goes 155 MPH

You wouldn’t mind waiting around for the bus if it then zoomed you to the next stop at whiplash inducing speed. You better hope no one is parked in the bike lane. Is this the future of public transit?

Sure, some cities have bus rapid transit (BRT) corridors where buses can reach up to 30 MPH, but in general, buses move pretty slowly. Never has the lowly bus looked so sexy as with this Dutch “Superbus” that can hit 155 MPH.


The electric bus, created by Wubbo Ockels (the Netherlands’ first astronaut, according to the BBC), carries 23 passengers and cost nearly $17 million to develop. The fiberglass and carbon vehicle recently debuted in Dubai.

It’s hard to imagine that any city would actually buy a fleet of these buses; just because a bus can go up to 155 MPH doesn’t mean it will ever get the chance. So most of us will never ride the Superbus. At the very least, its existence proves that buses can be exciting.

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Ariel Schwartz is a Senior Editor at Co.Exist. She has contributed to SF Weekly, Popular Science, Inhabitat, Greenbiz, NBC Bay Area, GOOD Magazine and more.