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Your Luggage Races Toward Olympic Glory In British Airways’ New Ad

In this new spot for the airliner’s “To Fly. To Serve” campaign, British Airways is ready for the London 2012 Olympics.

Your Luggage Races Toward Olympic Glory In British Airways’ New Ad

Ever wondered what your baggage is up to while you’re soaring through the skies? British Airways’ new ad, created by BBH London, sheds some light on the subject.

In the ad, once the luggage leaves each passenger’s hands to be stowed away, it immediately begins an exciting race to beat all the other luggage in the airport from competing planes. Over frantic, MTV-style jump cuts of bags changing hands, we hear the sound of announcers calling the race like an Olympic event (which ties in nicely to London’s 2012 Olympics.) Bags from different countries are represented by the bags’ coloring, be it red, white, and blue stripes on the side of an American suitcase, or a yellow and green duffel bag that looks suspiciously like the Brazilian flag. This being British Airways and all, the blue backpack with red and white hearts for Great Britain just might have the home field advantage…
The spot is part of a growing body of pre-Olympics work coming out of London ahead of the July-August games.

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