• 02.07.12

You Smell Potatoes, I Smell Potahtoes

London transit riders get a whiff of potatoes courtesy McCain Foods.

Public transit can be notorious for being smelly. Dank underground stations, sweetly thick air on a packed bus, that guy at the back… Rarely would you relate transit and the smell of hot, baked potatoes, unless, of course, that odorous guy also happens to be eating his lunch. In London, however, starting this week transit riders waiting in bus shelters will be treated to delectable wafts of baked potatoes as part of an outdoor campaign for McCain Ready Made Jackets.


In a clever bit of smellvertising (or more accurately scent marketing) to promote the frozen baked potatoes, 3D fiberglass potatoes are affixed to bus shelters around town. At the press of a button, the potato heats up and releases the smell of a tasty baked spud. Riders can also grab a coupon before hopping on the bus.

Created by London agency Beattie McGuinness Bungay, the campaign also includes in-store and digital outdoor executions.

While definitely an inventive use of public space, the innovation we, along with presumably most commuters, would like to see, is a campaign that has dinner ready for us when we get home.

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