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“Mad Men” Season 5 Posters Get The Street Art Treatment

Now with 100% more Superman and trampolines than before.

“Mad Men” Season 5 Posters Get The Street Art Treatment

It seems that fans are so excited about the impending return of Mad Men that they’ve resorted to creating fan fiction in the streets.

The rabidly anticipated fifth season of the AMC series is slated to begin March 25, a date which was trumpeted on teaser posters last month. These ads garnered praise for their minimalist design; however, apparently the posters were so minimal that some generous passersby decided to share their visions of a more complete poster. Gothamist got in on the action and solicited more ideas for doctored ads (see more here).

Browse through the slideshow above as you bide your time until the return of Don Draper and Co.

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