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Control What Goes On Inside Zooey Deschanel’s House Party

Interactive music video can spin the party off into several different permutations.

Control What Goes On Inside Zooey Deschanel’s House Party

By most accounts, Zooey Deschanel’s hit Fox sitcom, The New Girl, is adorkable, whatever that means exactly. In order to provide fans with more dorky hotness (?) and perhaps pull in some new viewers, the Queen of Twee stars in a new interactive music video called “Hey Girl,” which is hosted on Fox’s website.

The interactive video presents viewers with multiple options for what happens next. Do you want Zooey D. to literally fall on the ground, or do you want her to stumble socially by flirting with a man who turns out to be gay? The choice is yours! Further decisions impact the video’s dance styles, outfits, and the general demeanor of the crowd. We’ve seen interactive videos like this before, but this one is notably seamless (and Zooey-y).

The song itself is sung by Deschanel, who is an old hand at music, having recorded and performed as one half of She & Him for years. Should you find the song too adorkable for your tastes, you can choose to experience the video on mute at any time.

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