Doritos Comes Out On Top In Brand Bowl 2012, With Consumer-Generated Ads

Brand Bowl 2012 measures ad buzz on Twitter in real time; finds that Doritos, H&M, and Chrysler had the right stuff. Not so much

Doritos Comes Out On Top In Brand Bowl 2012, With Consumer-Generated Ads

A consumer-generated spot featuring a murderous hound won the Super Bowl, according to BrandBowl2012.


For the fourth year in a row, Boston-based agency Mullen partnered with regional news outlet to present the Brand Bowl, a Twitter-driven Super Bowl experience that examines real-time social analytics from Radian6 to determine which brands are winning the battle for consumer goodwill and word-of-mouth buzz during the big game.

According to the 400,000 tweets that Brand Bowl monitored, Doritos was this year’s most effective brand to advertise during the Super Bowl telecast, based on volume of chatter and positive/negative commentary on Twitter as the commercials aired. The winning spot was Doritos’ “Man’s Best Friend,” a consumer-generated entry in the company’s sixth annual “Crash the Super Bowl” contest.

The spot, created by Jonathan Friedman, featured a mafioso-like dog bribing a man with Doritos to uphold the code of silence regarding a (presumably deceased) family cat. As per the rules of “Crash the Super Bowl,” having come out on top of the USA Today ad meter, the creator of the spot will receive a million-dollar bonus. A second Doritos ad that ran during the game featured a grandmother who heroically sling-shots a swinging, game baby toward a tree fort to grab a bag of Doritos from an annoying brat. The second and third place overall finishers in BrandBowl were Swedish clothiers H&M, whose Super Bowl entry featured a nearly nude, uber-confident David Beckham, and Chrysler, which surprised audiences with its dramatic Clint Eastwood-starring ad.

Here’s a full overview of the Brand Bowl statistics:

These are the top 10 brands according to Twitter activity–a combination of volume and popularity. Sentiment rating distinguishes between positive and negative tweets.

1. Doritos (48,498 Tweets) (Sentiment +29%)
2. H&M (43,536 Tweets) (Sentiment +14%)
3. Chrysler (33,943 Tweets) (Sentiment +10%)
4. Pepsi (39,242 Tweets) (Sentiment +8%)
5. Chevrolet (36,934 Tweets) (Sentiment +17%)
6. M&M’s (18,316 Tweets) (Sentiment +41%)
7. Budweiser (18,916 Tweets) (Sentiment +12%)
8. VW (17,131 Tweets) (Sentiment +26%)
9. Coke (18,463 Tweets) (Sentiment +4%)
10. Bud Light (15,298 Tweets) (Sentiment +18%)


Those with the highest number of “positive” tweets were:

1. M&M’s (Sentiment +41%)
2. Best Buy (Sentiment +30%)
3. Doritos (Sentiment +29%)

Among the least-liked brands of the evening were (shocker!),, and Lexus. The perennially puerile ads landed the company at the top of the list, although it’s doubtful that this ranking will have any impact on the domain provider’s strategy. may have alienated viewers with their strange ad featuring a prospective car buyer’s confidence manifesting itself in the form of a singing second head emerging from the man’s back as he talks to a salesman. Lexus may not have benefited much from the “dinosaur” connotations that may have inadvertently sprouted up in the wake of the company’s Jurassic Park-esque “Beast” ad.