InfObjects: Kitchenware That Visualizes The Impact Of Your Food

Think you’re being responsible because your food is all organic? You might be surprised by the amount of CO2 spewed during the production process. InfObjects, a project from Shapes in Play‘s Johannes Tsopanides, aims to create a real-life representation of the CO2 equivalent, energy content, and price of various food items with the 3-D printed objects seen in the slide show above.

“I was into 3-D printing and we did some projects in this direction, but I also wanted to do a project with objects that aren’t really for daily use,” says Tsopanides. “Information about the CO2 [impact of food] is data that’s not commonly known for most people. I was really shocked when I saw the data for cheese, for example. I wasn’t aware that there was so much CO2 in milk products.”

The designs of the plates, cups, and bowls in the InfObjects project are all influenced by emissions, energy, and price data. Higher energy content is represented by growing “roots” in the object’s outer surface, CO2 equivalent is visualized with the use of “ozone holes,” and price is represented by a rise in segment edges.

InfObjects has already been shown at a number of exhibitions. “Some people said they really liked it, but that they didn’t know what to buy anymore,” says Tsopanides.AS