Unreasonables, Episode 7: Turning Passion Into Profit

Donna Morton used to be an activist with Greenpeace, sailing on zodiac rafts to stop the death of whales and chaining herself by the throat to an oil drilling ship. Later in life, though, Morton decided that she always wants to do work that she loves, and realized that this meant being an entrepreneur and running her own business. That business is First Power, a Canadian company that works with Native Americans to install renewable energy on reservations.

Morton is at the Unreasonable Institute because, as Teju Ravilochan, Unreasonable’s vice president of partnerships says: “The business opportunity she has on her hands is profound. What she hasn’t figured out how to do is communicate or articulate her idea in a business context.”

But Morton’s time at the Institute will turn out to be far more profound than just making a better business plan. Watch the very moving next episode here.

This is the latest video in The Unreasonables, a series tracking the participants in the most recent Unreasonable Institute. To see what’s coming up, watch a preview of the whole season and see a list of all the episodes here.MC