You Eat Worse Than You Think

Using their massive set of food ratings, the Eatery app found that people consistently think the food they eat is healthier than it is.

As we previously discussed, Massive Health stumbled upon a goldmine of data about the world’s eating habits (or at least the eating habits of iPhone users) with the Eatery, an app that allows people to snap photos of their food and rate other people’s pictures based on their perceived healthiness. In the infographic below, we can see just how off base our perceptions are about what we eat.


Based on data from Massive Health’s hundreds of thousands of users, we now know what we probably all realized anyway: All that bacon and pizza you eat is worse for you than you’re willing to admit. The data shows that 72% of foods on the Eatery are rated as being healthier by the user that’s eating them than by everyone else. And apparently, one-tenth of people think bacon is healthy and one-fifth of people think diet soda is healthy.

People also tend to get starry-eyed when they eat anything with the word salad in it. But, remember, all salads are not created equal (and users rate them differently, too):

Interestingly, users who self-identified as being on any sort of restricted diet (vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, low-carb) ate healthier foods overall than everyone else. When you think about the foods you eat, you also think more about how healthy they are.

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