Microsoft Steals Steve Jobs’ Motto for Case Against Apple

PC vs. Mac

On the front page of Microsoft’s new Microsoft vs. Apple page, dead center is the claim: “They just work.”

Where have we heard that before?

So, Microsoft is stealing a line from Apple’s playbook. Funny and a bit unsportsmanlike, but hardly unexpected considering the current push to sell Windows 7 and the companies’ 30-year rivalry.

On Microsoft’s page promoting PCs over Macs, “Having Fun” and “Simplicity” are the first reasons to choose a PC. “Working Hard,” “Sharing,” “Compatibility,” and “Choice” come next, if listing order reflects priorities.

Competition between the two companies has always been fierce, but nasty went public four years ago when Apple launched its wildly successful “Get a Mac” advertising blitz. The commercials showed the PC as nerdy and aloof and the Mas as hip, easygoing and fun to operate. The ads were nasty and extremely effective.

Consumers, particularly students, are increasingly embracing Apple. According to Global Equities Research, some 70% of incoming college freshmen are coming with Macs. That’s up more than 10% from last year.

Microsoft had sold 175 million licenses of the new operating system since launching it early this year through the end of the June.