• 04.11.12

Would You Eat A Guinea Pig?

In South America, the guinea pig is a common food item. In the U.S., it’s a common household pet. Could you settle your stomach for a more sustainable food solution?

Beef. It’s what’s for dinner. But a world in which we all eat beef won’t last very long, given the effects of industrial cow farming on the planet. We need protein, and as societies develop, they tend to want more and more of it–in meat form. We’re going to have to pursue other avenues of getting it that are potentially alien to our Western sensibilities about food. So don’t get too squeamish when you watch this video from Roads and Kingdoms about the eating of cuy, or guinea pig.


We’ve written before about the Ento Box, a high-design solution to the ickiness of eating bugs. By housing the creepy crawlies in beautiful packaging and making them indistinguishable in the food, the creators of Ento Box hope they can be more powerful. The folks in this guinea pig video have an opposite quandry: Can you eat something so cute? You may not have a choice.

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