Unreasonables, Episode 4: How To Find Millions Of Dollars In Garbage

Luis Duarte’s recycling company is moving into a bleak market: Virtually no one recycles in Mexico. But that also means opportunity. There’s a lot of cash to be made mining raw materials from other people’s waste.

“Waste is a social issue first and a market issue second,” says Eric Lombardi, the CEO of Eco-Cycle. Luis Duarte consults him on his business, and in the last episode, Duarte explained the vision for his company, YoReciclo: Get Mexico recycling, and move the country’s recycling rate from near zero to something more sustainable.


In this week’s episode, Duarte’s company meets the Unreasonable Institute‘s network of mentors, which is how he meets Lombardi–the beginnings of what could be a beautiful business relationship. Not that Duarte needs it. It turns out YoReciclo is doing way better than you would guess.

This is the latest video in The Unreasonables, a series tracking the participants in the most recent Unreasonable Institute. To see what’s coming up, watch a preview of the whole season and see a list of all the episodes here.

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