E*Trade “Fatherhood”

In this Super Bowl ad, the E*Trade Baby shares his collected wisdom with a new father, and says hello to a little friend.

E*Trade “Fatherhood”

If the E*Trade Baby wasn’t trapped in a state of suspended animation, he would be five years old by now, giving financial advice to his Kindergarten teacher.

However, he still remains a baby, and in this Super Bowl spot, created by Grey New York, he can be found hanging out where all the cool babies hang out–in a hospital maternity ward. There he consoles his dad, who is worried about his new daughter’s financial future (and then there’s a part about the Baby spotting a friend who is apparently cruising the joint, looking for some hot baby-on-baby action about which the less said the better). Below, there’s also a video celebrating some of the best moments from the five-year reign of the E*Trade Baby (who is voiced by hilarious comedian Pete Holmes.)

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