Meet The Unreasonables

What makes a person brave–or deluded–enough to think he or she can change the world? We’ll show you in new video episodes debuting every Tuesday on Co.Exist that follow the men and women at the Colorado social entrepreneurship incubator as they tackle the biggest challenges of their lives.

Every year, the Unreasonable Institute gathers 25 social entrepreneurs from around the world into a house in Boulder, Colorado. For six weeks, these men and women meet with mentors and work on the business plans for their ventures, which run the gamut from increasing recycling in Mexico to cleaner burning coal for African farmers.


During the last session, the participants were followed around by a camera crew, and we’ll be airing that footage here on Co.Exist. Their stories are inspiring in and of themselves, and perhaps in hearing about their struggles and successes, everyone working on a world-changing project (or thinking about starting one) can find a few lessons.

This is a short preview of the upcoming season. Each week, we’ll be focusing on one of the participants; both the story of their project and the evolutions it–and they–go through while participating at the Institute. Check back here on Tuesday, April 3, for the first installment. You’ll be able to find all the videos as they are released on the Unreasonables page.

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