Is The Best Super Bowl XLVI Spot Airing…In Canada?

Budweiser brings hockey to a football fight.

Is The Best Super Bowl XLVI Spot Airing…In Canada?

With so many brands pre-releasing their Super Bowl creative, there’s an unprecedented amount of pre-game hype around the ads this year (to which we are enthusiastically contributing).

Meanwhile, in Canada, Super Bowl fans often feel a bit cheated, as they miss out on most of the U.S.-originated spots that, for many people, are the whole point of watching the game. But Canucks just may get the better end of the deal this year. After all, based on what we’ve seen of the U.S. work so far, there are a few highlights, and a lot of pretty standard ads. And now there’s this.

This Budweiser spot, created by New York-based agency Anomaly to run during the Super Bowl broadcast in Canada, is one of the better efforts we’ve seen. It centers on two recreational-league hockey teams in Port Credit, Ontario–the Amigos and the Generals–who start a game as nobodies and end it as NFL-style superstars, courtesy an intervention by Budweiser.

The ad (which may put some U.S. viewers in mind of a This American Life stunt) has the ambitious scope of a proper Super Bowl spot without being just explosions and celebrities. The ad trades in hardcore sports emotion, which is a strategy that can go horribly wrong, but this spot builds slowly and ends up being quite powerful.

Or maybe it’s just us. Do you need to be Canadian to appreciate this or is this one of the best spots of Super Bowl XLVI?

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Teressa Iezzi is the editor of Co.Create. She was previously the editor of Advertising Age’s Creativity, covering all things creative in the brand world.