Cadbury Takes A Trip Into Joyville In New Campaign

Move over, Oompa Loompas. Here come the Joyville workers.

These mysterious little chocolate enthusiasts come from Cadbury, one of the leading global confectioners. Joyville is a fictional construct created by Cadbury and agency, Fallon London. This magical chocolate factory, which is located underground somewhere, is meant to evoke the almost supernaturally delightful taste of the company’s new Dairy Milk Bubbly. The spot features Joyville workers using trap doors and secret passageways to get to their giant, purple, chocolate-dispatching blimps in the sky.

Joyville is also a new campaign framework for Cadbury, which has been known over the past several years for its “Glass And A Half Full Productions” work (work that included the legendary Cadbury “Gorilla“).

Cadbury launched the campaign on Google +, and a real-world component consisted of a musical chocolate fountain in the Westfield Shopping Centre in London.