• 03.23.12

The Small Hospital Of The Future: Farmers Markets, Energy Harvesting, And Fresh-Baked Bread

The high-tech hospital of the future might sit in the middle of a large metropolis, but for people living away from urban centers, what is the future of health? Here are three visions of how people might get care in the coming decades.

Sprawling hospitals make sense in cities with large populations, but not in small towns and more rural areas, which can be well-served with smaller medical facilities. As it expands into these smaller communities, health care provider Kaiser Permanante is taking the opportunity to integrate efficiency and good design into its new small hospitals–traits that older, bigger models often lack.


Last year, Kaiser launched its “Small Hospitals, Big Idea Campaign,” a design competition asking entrants to design innovative small hospitals are efficient, provide a quality care environment for patients, and cut down on life-cycle costs. This week, the winners–who will get the chance to contract with Kaiser to build a small hospital in Southern California–were announced.

In the slide show above, we look at designs from the three finalists: Aditazz; Gresham, Smith and Partners; and Mazzetti Nash Lipsey Burch with Perkins+Will New York (Aditazz and the M+NLB and Perkins+Will team were both named winners). There are captions on every image–if you can’t see them, try scrolling down.

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