• 01.27.12

Confessions Of A Rising Star: You’ve Made A Big Deal At Sundance. What Do You Do Next?

You’re an up-and-coming director who’s just landed a sweet deal with your dream production partner. It’s time you start planning who’s going to be in your entourage, your new address and the big, bloated film you’ll be doing in a few years. We asked one rising star to plot his rise, onscreen and off.

For A Good Time, Call… earned buzz and a big deal at Sundance and put director Jamie Travis on Hollywood’s radar. We thought we’d ask the director what he’d like his superstar self to be like.


What does selling a film at Sundance for $2 million mean?
It means James Schamus, writer of The Ice Storm and CEO of Focus Features, will finally take my calls! Next stop: Ang Lee.

If you were the star of Entourage, who’d be in your posse?
I have no clingers-on. Yet. I’d prefer to have a posse of equals with the stars of my film–Ari Graynor and Lauren Miller, and Miller’s brilliant cowriter, Katie Anne Naylon. I will call them “my bitches.”

If (when?) you become a superstar director, what will you choose as your trademark eccentricity?
Bandanas. All the time.

Imagine this scenario: You’ve just moved to L.A. and have a fabulous place in (name the hood). You’re hosting a dinner party and can invite any five people from Hollywood. Who would you invite?
The hills of Los Feliz. I’d invite a selection of ball-busting female agents, 35+. Because this is my favorite kind of woman.

Your dream project has just been greenlit. What is it called, what’s it about, and who’s in it? (Budget need not have a bearing on reality).
It’s called The Untitled Jamie Travis Project. It features at least four insert shots of high heels walking on marble. Rachel McAdams and Michael Fassbender are fully clothed throughout.

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