Bernas Makes Over-the-Top Plea for Family Togetherness, Rice Consumption

The Academy Award nominations may have been announced this week, but none of the dramatic performances of the past year can touch the ones in this commercial for BERNAS, Malaysia’s national rice supplier.

We begin with a mother tearfully yelling “Please don’t leave, son!” to her fuming teenage progeny as he storms away from the family home. Things quickly spiral wildly out of the realm of “appropriate emotional resonance for a TV commercial” from there, if you can even believe that. The falling dominos that brought about this event, and which eventually lead to a father-son reconciliation, make a rather extreme case for why to buy rice. It’s the equivalent of showing a Scared Straight prison video to dissuade pedestrians from considering jaywalking. The spot is from Ogilvy Malaysia.

This isn’t the first such tearjerking commercial by Bernas. Watch the clip below if you’ve ever wondered what a hungry orphan might look like when he starts to cry from hunger:


Agency: Ogilvy Malaysia