A Bug’s Life, As Pencil Art

What, exactly, do bugs do all day? That’s the question that artist Bernardo Vercelli must have asked himself before sitting down with an insect (or arachnid) friend and trying to get in their head for an hour. The resulting project, Biografie, takes the answer to that question and renders it in a surprisingly mesmerizing form. You can see the art in the slideshow above.

Each of Vercelli’s pieces uses a pencil to follow a bug (spiders, cockroaches, silkworms, and more) as they roam around a piece of paper for 50 minutes. The ant takes long walks away from a comfortable spot along one edge of the paper while the cockroach manically runs all over the place. The resulting webs of pencil lines create an interesting abstract portrait of each creature’s life and, dare we say, worldview.

As Vercelli writes about his project: “I guess it would be ridiculous to see the path of all my life.”

Hat tip: Not CotMC