advertisement “Confident You”

It’s hard to hold a car-buying poker face when you have a second, miniature version of your face hovering next to the original, singing about wanting to buy a car. At least that’s the premise of’s latest ad; hopefully none of us will ever have to find out for real.

Like several other eager brands out there, is getting ahead of the competition for water cooler conversation by putting out its Super Bowl ad ahead of the game. In the ad, a car buyer’s confidence has a life of its own, manifesting itself in a tentacle-like neck stemming from his back, which carries a tiny head on top. If it sounds a little like something out of Total Recall, well, it kind of looks that way too.

Looks like the race for companies to generate advance buzz is underway, though there are already plenty of other ads online, so I suppose it will be, um, neck and neck.

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