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Get Serenaded By Robots In Party’s New Androp Video

Creative collective Party Japan serves up a symphony of circuitry in their latest video for Androp. Expect robots, pyramids, and flashing lights galore.

Get Serenaded By Robots In Party’s New Androp Video
[youtube 13zERNtkbl0]

The last time the Japanese/American creatives who form Party got together with the mysterious members of electro-band Androp, the resulting video packed in more carefully choreographed flashing lights than most retinas could handle. And it was awesome.

The latest collaboration between Party and Androp is another CGI-free tour through technological pyrotechnics, this time without any human interference at all. The video for “World. Words. Lights.” is like Toy Story if it were set at the Tate Modern, where an art installation tuns into a rogue discotheque after dark. In this world, robots can sing, neon blue pyramids shuffle like a stack of Jenga blocks, and other things that shouldn’t flash or gyrate do both.

After you conquer the “World. Words. Lights.” video, have a look at some of the other visual fiestas Party previously put together.

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