• 01.24.12

Ikea Caters To Kitchen Voyeurs With Interactive Peep Show

Inside five happy Ikea kitchens.

Ikea Caters To Kitchen Voyeurs With Interactive Peep Show

The Ikea catalog comes to life in “In The Kitchen,” an interactive site created by BBDO/Instinct Moscow and the London office of interactive shop B-Reel.


It offers a voyeuristic tour that takes us into Ikea-outfitted kitchens, where we find ourselves smack in the middle of scenes ranging from a family celebrating Grandma’s birthday to a housewarming party to a woman making dinner for a date. And we see these picture-perfect environments from a variety of points of view, ranging from the perspective of other people to the family dog as well as a pigeon and a cat.

In addition to immersing us in how these people live and interact in their gorgeous Ikea kitchens, we have the ability to get more information on and even bookmark the items of interest to us–think every detail from cabinets to cooktops to accessories–by simply clicking on bubbles that pop up throughout the spaces.

“The project was very ambitious in terms of the amount of film content in the site–enough for a feature film,” says B-Reel executive producer Lins Karnes, noting BBDO/Instinct hired a director to shoot for six days on five different sets and in multiple locations in Moscow, with advisors from B-Reel on hand throughout the production process.

“There were many technical issues with managing and manipulating this amount of film,” Karnes reflects. “Our expertise helped to minimize the amount of loading a user would experience.”

When it came to creating the site interface, B-Reel injected a slightly quirky sense of fun into the whole experience. “Everything you interact with has a playful quality, even actions that you might expect to be quite dry,” says B-Reel art director Mark Wheeler. “Try bookmarking a feature, and it’ll get trapped in a bouncing bubble, saved for later.”

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