One Hour Of (Cat) Video Is Uploaded To YouTube Every Second

If you’re going to toot your own horn, this is the way to do it: with mind-bending statistical scenarios.

The Google-backed video dispensary is celebrating the fact that one hour of video is uploaded on the social platform every single second. One hour per second, got that? Hold on, though; this rabbit hole goes way deeper. It turns out that at this rate, there are nine months’ worth of therapy-inducing embarrassments uploaded every two hours. An entire decade of backyard film reenactments every two days. I’m not sure whether it’s more impressive that there’s enough space to accommodate so much footage, or that there are so many people out there eager to share it.

Also unclear is whether a train carrying the next David at the Dentist left New York at 1 p.m. going 185 miles an hour, and a train carrying a lovely, life-affirming moment left Pennsylvania at the same time going 200 miles per hour, which one would arrive at a million views first?

While you puzzle over that, have a look above at some of the other interesting ways to illustrate the one hour per second phenomenon from the celebratory website Google put together: