Volkswagen Barks Its Intentions For Super Bowl XLVI

VW was the winner of last year’s Super Bowl ad stakes with its adorable yet not sickening “The Force.” And it appears the brand has plans to revisit a Star Wars theme for game day 2012, though with a different species of spot.

In this teaser, from agency Deutsch and director Keith Schofield, a canine chorus appears to be barking randomly against a very VW-feeling white backdrop. A few seconds in, a familiar tune emerges from the yapping.

The spot, which debuted on TV Wednesday evening, is designed as an augur of what’s to come from VW on Super Bowl Sunday. The commercial throws to an “Intergalactic Invite” site which hosts a Super Bowl-themed Star Wars scroll. Visitors are encouraged to follow the brand on Facebook for updates on what this all means and to invite friends to their game-day party with a customized scroll.

Schofield, you’ll recall, is the directorial mind behind Duck Sauce’s “Big Bad Wolf,” among many other deeply interesting spots and videos, so expect big things.TI