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What? It’s A Pizza Boomerang. No Big Deal

If there actually is a Pizza Boomerang, you probably don’t want to go anywhere near the thing, but the viral ad for it cannot be ignored.

What? It’s A Pizza Boomerang. No Big Deal

Amazingly, it’s somehow still less weird than the P’Zone.

The purported Pizza Boomerang is a hilariously impractical product idea, brought to vivid life in an ad created by the very real Spanish production house, Sofa Films. It doesn’t matter that the Pizza Boomerang (probably) doesn’t exist, though, because whatever is happening in this video now exists, and thanks to a reddit hit, it’s left an indelible impression on the internet in the last 12 hours.

The video starts with a hulking, mythical warrior standing on a cloud while wearing a kilt made of fur, gold lamé sandals, and a bejeweled boomerang headband. At this point, it’s already the most amazing pizza commercial ever. Then the warrior uses the power to spy on Earth with a crystal ball in order to observe people burning their tongues on too-hot pizza and continuing to eat it. Our hero is upset by this vision, and after crying black tears (!), he hits upon a solution: “an innovative throwing food” that “always returns al dente.” He casts this newfangled pizza boomerang out of the heavens and into Earth, where it solves various problems too bizarre to spoil by mentioning here, all the while accompanied by a jingle that sounds like it was written by the Horse Ebooks guy.

Fair warning before you watch (and you must watch), the section from 1:44 – 1:53 cannot be unseen. It is not only NSFW, but not safe just in general. “Say goodbye to the round pizzas and switch to the good vibes!”

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