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Rich Aucoin’s “It” Takes You Down Cinematic Memory Lane

The new music video parodies your favorite movies and also A Night At the Roxbury for some reason.

Rich Aucoin’s “It” Takes You Down Cinematic Memory Lane
and company will not hesitate to cross streams.


“We won’t leave it all in our heads!” goes the anthemic rallying cry of Rich Aucoin’s latest song, “It.” Judging from the video, though, the eponymous “it” he’s singing about roughly translates to “parodies of beloved films from the 1980s and ’90s.”

The clip, which comes at an interesting time for appropriation art, commerce, and copyright, starts off with what looks like a lone piece of ticker tape from a parade blowing through the air like Forrest Gump’s famous feather, only to land at the feet of a Gumped out Rich Aucoin sitting at a bus stop bench. From there it only goes further down the cinematic rabbit hole, hitting everything from The Princess Bride to Die Hard along the way. There may be some elusive theme binding all these movies together, but I can’t put my finger on “It.”

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