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Chris Milk and Anthony Francisco Schepperd: Two Against One

Two acclaimed creators direct the video for “Two Against One,” from the Danger Mouse album that will be made into a Milk-directed feature film.

Chris Milk and Anthony Francisco Schepperd: Two Against One

The 2011 album Rome brought together Danger Mouse (aka Brian Burton) and Italian composer/producer Daniele Luppi to create a title inspired by the spaghetti western soundtracks that had long influenced Burton.

Another two-worlds-colliding collaboration brings us this video for the Rome track “Two Against One,” which features Jack White on vocals. The clip was directed by Chris Milk, known for his influential music video projects like Arcade Fire’s Wilderness Downtown and the Johnny Cash Project, and respected 2D animator Anthony Francisco Schepperd.

The video, which broke on NPR, is in Schepperd’s surreal, hand-drawn style, which contributes to the clip’s dream-like narrative. The video is the latest chapter in Rome’s beyond-CD story.

The Rome project always had filmic underpinnings–the album was even recorded in the studio that produced The Good, The Bad And The Ugly–and it was formally announced last year that Milk was working on a film version, one that would incorporate beyond-cinema, transmedia elements. The feature film’s story will be based around the apocalypse-themed novel The Reapers Are The Angels by Alden Bell.
Last year, Milk worked with frequent collaborator Aaron Koblin on an interactive component of the Rome story, 3 Dreams of Black.

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