Behind The Famous Faces: The Portraits of Tony Millionaire

“No one likes a portrait of themselves,” says Tony Millionaire, creator of the comic strip Maakies and Adult Swim Presents The Drinky Crow Show. Millionaire should know: He’s drawn hundreds for publications like the defunct New York Press (where his strip started in 1994) and The Believer to the covers of Elvis Costello’s National Ransom album and the Penguin Classics deluxe edition of Moby-Dick.

“I don’t draw things as a hobby,” Millionaire says. “This is my bread and butter. I never really thought of them as art, only as the way I make my living so I can do my comics.”

Fantagraphics Books has just released a collection of Millionaire’s bread and butter called 500 Portraits, a mini-tome Millionaire describes as “a giant fishnet full of flounder and tuna…it’s every portrait I’ve ever done.”

Millionaire curated a batch of his portraits for Fast Company. View the slide show to see what he had to say about his choices.MH