Welcome To Co.Create

Welcome To Co.Create

Co.Create unites creative disciplines in a wide-ranging discussion of creativity and how it’s harnessed for business.

Here, we bring together the best creative ideas from the converging worlds of marketing and advertising, entertainment and technology and deliver insight from the people behind them.

We’ll go behind the work and get into the the guts of a creative idea – from strategy, concept and production to distribution and measurement. In addition to showcasing the beautiful ideas and useful end products every day, we’ll tackle the bigger issues around how people, companies and industries are making creativity happen, from a process and culture standpoint.

Our mission is to address the realities of creativity – that it’s all-consuming, messy, difficult to deconstruct, harder to conjure at will. Like most other worthwhile things, creativity requires hard work. For all of its chaotic properties, however, creativity means business.

Our central premise is that creativity is key, at all levels of business. While business in the past was driven by efficiency, it’s creativity and innovation that will move business, and society in general, forward now.

Creativity isn’t just a thing that comes out one end of a studio or ad agency or developer. It’s not the exclusive province of the “creative department.” It’s a driver of business and a guiding principle for people. It’s about making things better – processes and end products.

It’s a big, unwieldy subject, and we want this channel to both reflect the mind-expanding enormity of the mandate and be an accessible, useful tool for understanding and applying creativity.

We encourage you to share your work and ideas and your feedback on the site.

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