Matt Damon Plays Santa For Laughs, Clean Water

Every celebrity has a charity that they’re nominally associated with. They may make an appearance or two at a fundraiser, but beyond that, their involvement is often limited.

Matt Damon, though, seems to really, really care about water and the work is doing. So much so that he’s often willing to put himself in all sorts of compromising positions in order to promote their initiatives.

Kudos to the folks at for embracing comedic and viral campaigns. We could be watching Damon slowly walk through an African refugee camp while talking solemnly about the need for clean water. Instead, we get him cursing about the lack of sanitation in the developing world:

In the video above, Damon pushes’s water bottle–of which $10 from each sale goes to–to a group of unsuspecting children. If every charity could get off their high horse long enough to be this fun with their marketing, we might solve some problems.MC