• 09.11.14

Welcome To Co.Exist

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Co.Exist is a website for people who are not only hungry for solutions, but foolish enough to implement them.


To best understand what that means, take a look at some of our latest stories: There’s an all-electric DeLorean that can’t go back in time, but doesn’t need any gas. A new kind of urban design, inspired by IKEA. Brazil flying unmanned drones over the Amazon to catch poachers. A kitchen–with a built in beehive!–that gets all its power from your leftovers.

Co.Exist is focused on innovation that’s going to change the way we live and the resources we use. We’re for brash and creative solutions, that make everyone rich while helping the people of the world lead clean and fulfilling lives.

First, we need acknowledge some simple truths. We are consuming more resources than we can produce. We’ve been looking at the same wind turbines and solar panels for years now, telling ourselves that it will all be fine. But at this rate of marginal change, it won’t.

Though we’re currently resource poor, we’re still ingenuity rich. It’s time to find solutions that people haven’t thought of yet, even if that means rethinking our beliefs about the environment, energy, technology, food, health, transportation, urbanism, and poverty. And those are the kinds of stories you’ll find here. Stories about innovations that are going to alter the way we live for the better in the next year–and over the next 100 years–in ways you can’t yet imagine.

We’re going to kick down the doors to find a solution and fix things, no matter what it takes.

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