Greenopia’s Green Beer Rankings: New Belgium, Bison, Eel River Come Out on Top

green beer

It’s 100 degrees outside and virtually impossible to not crank up that energy-sucking air-conditioning to full blast, but you can still keep some modicum of green credibility–just keep to Greenopia’s list of the most sustainable beers.

Greenopia ranks New Belgium as the most sustainable brewery (four out of five leaves) thanks to its “dedication to environmental initiatives,” which include locally-sourced packaging, resource-efficient production, extensive environmental reporting, organic beer production, and a major commitment to bike culture (Tour de Fat, anyone?). New Belgium is, according to Greenopia, “without a doubt the greenest major beer made.”

Bison and Eel River both garner three out of five leaves for their use of organic ingredients, though Greenopia believes that both breweries could stand to improve their environmental reporting.

On the less impressive end of things, mass market breweries including Coors, Guinness, Heineken, Sam Adams, and Tecate all receive zero out of five leaves. Most of the above breweries fail to produce thorough environmental reporting, which makes it difficult to rate them. But some have more egregious problems–Sam Adams, for example, hasn’t done anything to green its bottles or transportation fleet.

Don’t like Bison, Eel River, or New Belgium beer? There are plenty of other sustainable options. Check out our list of five green beers to watch out for.


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