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Work Smart 2: Get a Personal Skype Consultation with Gina Trapani and Friends


Have you got a nagging question about technology and productivity? If my experience is any guide, you do. That's why my next batch of Work Smart videos is going be a Q&A series based on your questions.

Here's how it works: Email me at with your productivity questions. I'll sort through the submissions, and then set up a personal video chat consultation with you—and I'll call in some of my best tech-savvy friends to offer their advice too. The clip will appear right here on

My first Work Smart series covered topics like how to cut through email overload, shorten meetings, telecommute and brainstorm effectively, write a smart to-do list, and block your calendar most efficiently. Now it's your turn. Ask your toughest questions about the tech and productivity issues that most affect your life and work, on topics like:

  • Collaborating with distributed teams using web-based tools that don't require expensive software
  • Managing your social media life on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (without getting yourself fired)
  • Getting your tech on the go with mobile apps for your favorite smartphone
  • Syncing your data from the cloud to all your computers and mobile devices
  • Staying on top of all your incoming streams of email, status updates, text messages, and RSS without going insane
  • The best resources for learning how to brush up on your tech skills

...and anything else that's on your mind.

Send your Work Smart 2 submission to We're accepting our first round of questions for the new series this week, August 9th (the series will start in September). Remember: if we choose your question, we'll ask you to video-Skype with us to talk it through, and that consultation will be recorded published here on—so make sure it's about something you're comfortable discussing publicly on video.

We're going to choose the questions that will be most interesting to all of our readers, so while we'd love to help you fix your printer, we won't do tech support calls. If we choose your submission, we'll get in touch the week of August 16th to schedule your Skype session.

Can't wait to talk to you!

Gina Trapani is the award-winning author, blogger, and programmer whose work translates cutting-edge technology into insights that boost personal productivity. Gina was the founding editor of, the seminal blog which garnered nominations for Blog of the Decade and yielded the best-selling book on tech and productivity, Upgrade Your Life. Follow Gina on Twitter.