• 08.06.10

BlogHer Blogs for Water, Opportunity to Help Pakistan Floods

Just how far can social media cause marketing campaigns go?


The female blogging conference, BlogHer, kicks off today and offers up a little something different this year–the chance to have your blogging make an actual impact. BlogHer teamed up with none other than Procter and Gamble, as well as, to donate a day of clean water to “someone in need” for every participating blog post (and corresponding vote) that promotes clean drinking water.


The timing of BlogHer and its water campaign may actually be perfect, because over in Pakistan, where severe floods are killing and displacing thousands, WorldVision has made it clear that water-borne diseases such as cholera and diarrhea will soon become rampant. Let’s hope BlogHer uses its journalistic know-how to respond to a timely crisis and make its work and the work of P&G and that much more relevant.

Aside from the obvious benefit of promoting global health, it’s a unique way to galvanize female bloggers and at the same time promote P&G, but the only thing different about this cause marketing campaign, compared to others, is its extensive use of social media. That is, until and unless they can respond rapidly to Pakistan. Besides addressing that crisis, I’m not sure how sustainable a solution the campaign is for the global water crisis.

[Homepage courtesy BlogHer; top image via flickr/mariachily]

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