iFive: Bankers Party, Apple in China, Net Neutrality, BlackBerry Nosiness, Wyclef in Haiti

1. Bankers rejoice at improving financial trends (albeit prematurely), and get down and dirty at company parties.

2. Apple starts to recover from its slow start in China with mounting evidence that it’ll soon sell Wi-Fi-enabled iPhones on the mainland soon. And it’s said to be gobbling up a Chinese gamemaker that already has a Wi-Fi phone on the market.

3. The Federal Communications Commission appears to be abandoning the net neutrality party as stakeholder discussions go sour.

4. The U.S. gets nosy as it enters the global debate over BlackBerry security issues, with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton kinda sorta offering support. Meanwhile Lebanon‘s the latest to drink the new BlackBerry-flavored hater-ade.

5. Wyclef landed in Haiti to, apparently, open arms. (And by that, we don’t mean the IRS was waiting to detain him for owed money).JN