Coke! Cannibalism! Breasts! Lies! The Juiciest Bits in “The Social Network” [Spoiler Alert]

The Social Network


Bits of Aaron Sorkin’s script for the David Fincher-directed film about the founding of Facebook, The Social Nework, have bounced around the Internet for a while. We got our hands on what seems to be the almost final entire script. Since Sorkin has a way of making folks labor through moody buildups–and this film is, at its heart, a melodrama about rich, white, geeks battling for privilege points (and, okay, innovating)–we thought we’d offer up some of the better lines. Call it free marketing for the film, which is out in October.

These may or or may not spoil the movie for you. Consider this a warning just in case.

“Divya” is Divya Narendra, who with brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, first sued Zuckerberg for stealing the idea for Facebook from their own ConnectU. They all reached a multimillion-dollar, out-of-court settlement, but that’s been undone, with the trio claiming the shares involved in the settlement weren’t worth as much as they were led to believe. The meat of the matter is summed up pretty succinctly here:

Of course, Zuck gets his own dis in, and in this moment, it’s the WASPs that get stung! (Winkelvi! Face!)


Erica, Zuck’s Harvard girlfriend, gets in frequent zingers. Here are a couple our favorites:



“Eduardo is Eduardo Saverin, one of Facebook’s co-founders.


Later Eduardo assures you’ll avoid eating chicken for at least a month….


Sean Parker is the outspoken founder of Metallica nemesis Napster–and former Facebook president. We finally get to know what he’s like in the sack (hint: Public Enemy fan).

Only in an Aaron Sorkin film could the Facebros do coke off of the boobs of Victoria’s Secret models.

Now, see if you can spot the scenes…

Rachel Arndt, Jean Kim, John Dorman, and Dan Macsai contributed to this report.