iPhone 4 Concretes Apple’s Dominance of Mobile Web Use

There’s lots of (meaningless) excitement on the Web as Android phones overtake the iPhone in sales. Meanwhile Quantcast’s figures show Apple’s share of mobile Web use has actually upticked, thanks to iPhone 4.



Android phones are outselling Apple’s iPhones, and even good ol’ eccentric Mr. Eric Schmidt of Google is trumpeting figures like 200,000 activations per day. Portions of the Net are spinning themselves into a frenzy, but with so many more members of the Android army, versus the three handsets that make up Apple’s iPhone brigade, it’d be shocking if it were the other way around.

Last month, according to Quantcast’s new data on the iPhone’s share of mobile Web traffic in the U.S., Apple’s iPhone share of mobile consumption has actually taken an uptick, reversing a trend that’s seen a monthly decline in share since mid October 2009.

In other words, even though all those Android phones are on the move, Apple still dominates mobile Web consumption with a 36% share going to the iPhone and 20% going to the iPod Touch. Numerically, Apple’s share of smartphone handset sales is set to decline (evidenced in that percentage slide since October), but if it’s just taken a bigger share of Web use in a more crowded marketspace, then we can conclude that Apple must’ve shifted one heck of a lot of iPhone 4s to some very satisfied mobile Web surfers over the last month in order to reclaim mobile Web market share.

Other things to note in the data are that RIM’s BlackBerry is definitely losing its share over the last several months–and sadly the new Torch 9800 is unlikely to reverse this trend. Samsung and HTC’s smartphones are trending slowly upwards, as the two firms try to challenge Apple with phones that can only be labeled as very “iPhone-esque.” But Motorola is the real stand-out in the data. Its recent cluster of Droid Android-based phones have quickly captured 10% of mobile Web consumption, and that’s only going to be good news for a company that was seemingly so much on the ropes.

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