FTC Settles Antitrust Case With Monopolistic Intel


Chip-making giant Intel has been a bad company during various parts of its life, waging an anticompetitive war against its rivals. The FTC’s been investigating in the U.S. and has just settled with the company.

Remember when European monopolies investigators concluded Intel had abused its market-leading position to quash other chip makers like AMD and slapped the U.S. firm with a whopping $1.45 billion fine? Well, the FTC was subsequently prompted to open its own investigations into Intel’s “threats and rewards” schemes which forced computer makers to choose away from rival CPUs. This inquiry has been ongoing for quite a while, and has now come to a conclusion.

The official news, and any details on fines (such as how cripplingly large it may be) will hit later today through an official FTC announcement, but officials have confirmed the inquiry has come to an end.

It’s arriving interesting timing, given that Intel is having difficulties penetrating both the mobile smartphone market, and tablet PC market that’s rapidly being sewn up by ARM-based chips. And back in January AMD posted its first quarterly profit in 13 quarters, partly thanks to a guilt-admitting payoff by Intel.

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