iFive: Google History, TV Tablet, Flickr Makeover, BP Progress, Tree Fight

All the breaking bits you didn’t learn in that dream where you were standing in Times Square reading the news scroll on the billboard when you realized, OH GOD I’M NAKED!

1. Google news dump! The search giant is letting all of us forgetful people now rely less on our memories to recall recently searched items and websites. “History” is the tab to look out for. Plus, Google’s keywords business opens up copyright restrictions to allow competitors’ results in searches. (Looking for Chevy info? Expect ads for Ford to pop up, too.) And finally, you can sign into multiple Google accounts at the same time in the same browser.


2. Evidence is mounting of Motorola and Verizon making a new tablet. With mobile video revenues reaching $1.34 billion by 2014, it might make sense.

3. Flickr announces a site re-design. Whither the pink and blue dots?

4. BP’s “static kill” is going well and they’re not sure they’ll pump more fluids into the well just yet. Hurray, it’s a “significant milestone,” according to BP. Until, you know, it’s not.

5. A tree, yes, a tree, caused fresh fighting between Israel and Lebanon today. Remember when tree-hugging was safe?

About the author

Jenara is an overseas reporter for Fast Company and a freelance writer/producer in Asia, regularly on CNNGo, and a graduate of Harvard and UC Berkeley.